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Into The Grey Zone: China’s new technologies could ‘over-match’ the West’s strength, armed forces chief says

The UK needs to understand and deal with the risk of China developing new technologies that could "over-match" the West's military strength, the head of the armed forces has said. General Sir Nick Carter also talked about how the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are adapting to operate in the "grey zone" between war and peace. He was speaking on Sky News' Into The Grey Zone podcast. Asked whether there is a risk a country such as China could develop a technological advantage over the West's military dominance, General Carter said: "China is an extraordinary country for innovation and technological innovation, for that matter. "And of course, there is always, in the character of warfare, a constant competition between opposing technologies to try and get match or over-match. Advertisement "So the answer is: Yes, that is definitely something that needs to be understood and dealt with." The chief of the defence staff offered a sense of how the military works in the..