Trust in Martin Bashir was ‘abused and misplaced’: Former BBC director-general gives evidence to MPs


Former BBC director-general Lord Tony Hall has told MPs that he "trusted" Martin Bashir and "gave him a second chance" – but that trust was "abused and misplaced".

Lord Tony Hall is giving evidence to the DCMS (digital, culture, media and sport committee) about events leading up to Bashir's now infamous Panorama interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1995, as well as the broadcaster's handling of investigations into how he obtained the world exclusive scoop.

It comes following the publication of the Dyson report in May, which criticised methods used to secure the bombshell interview – which saw Diana discussing her break-up with Prince Charles and life inside the Royal Family.

Bashir returned to the BBC as religion correspondent in 2016, some two decades after the Panorama episode that made him a household name in journalism and 17 years after he originally left for ITV – despite allegations about his conduct emerging not long after the Diana interview. He was promoted to religion editor in 2018, but quit citing health issues ahead of the Dyson report being published.

Asked during the DCMS committee hearing why he had reported to the board of governors following a 1996 internal inquiry into Mr Bashir that he was an "honest and honourable man", Lord Hall said: "I took what I think was an unusual step in saying I will take part in the investigation and interview Bashir myself.


"Why? Because I had to establish whether I believed Bashir, whether I should therefore give him a yellow card or dismiss him, and that was what I was trying to work through.

"In the end we came to a judgment about his lack of experience, that he was out of his depth, that he was contrite, and we gave him a second chance.

"We trusted him and it turns out we couldn't. In that light I understand I am using words which when you look at them now just seem wrong. But it was me trying to work out, 'Could I trust this man or not?'"


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