Sturgeon won’t call new Scotland independence vote until COVID ‘under control’


Scotland's first minister has said she won't call a new independence referendum until the COVID health crisis is "under control".

Speaking to Sky News' Trevor Phillips, Nicola Sturgeon said: "I am not going to set precise level of infection but you would want to see the COVID situation under control – the pressure on our national health service significantly lower that is right now, a sense that we weren't in the acute phase of this crisis."

"This is not just about safety of polling stations," she added.

"It is about making sure that as a country faces a big, important decision about its future, it's able to focus on that properly and it doesn't have looming over that a COVID crisis.

"So right now, the recent spike in cases in Scotland is putting enormous pressure on our national health services, leading me as the first minister to advise people to continue to take great care with their interactions.


"I don't think that kind of situation would be a good backdrop for the country considering and making a big decision on its future."


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