Adam Peaty’s girlfriend says she was sexually assaulted twice in a McDonald’s


Strictly Come Dancing star and Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty's girlfriend has told how she was sexually assaulted twice in a McDonald's restaurant.

Eiri Munro told her Twitter followers about the ordeal which happened in 2019.

"2 years ago I was sexually assaulted in a McDonalds," she wrote.

"I went to get help from the bouncer. His solution was to ask the man who did it to apologise to me and then allowed him to stay on the premises. Once the bouncer had left, the man came back to assault me again. So f**k bouncers."

A response from McDonald's has been requested.


Ms Munro's comments were in response to calls from another Twitter user for bouncers to be better trained.

"Bouncers need serious retraining on how to keep girls safe," Jodie McCormack wrote.

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"Hearing stories of girls being thrown out of nightclubs onto streets alone for being drunk when they've actually been spiked is terrifying.

"No girl should be thrown out of a venue alone whether she's drunk or spiked.

"With the world the way it is I just don't understand how throwing young girls who are not with it whether they're drunk or spiked onto a dark street with no one around is still protocol for nightclubs."

Sarah Buckle's hand showed a bruise, which she believes was caused by the needle

Sarah Buckle's hand showed a bruise, which she believes was caused by the needle

It comes after hundreds of people came forward in recent months to say they believe they have had their drink spiked or been injected with an unknown substance on nights out.

Sky News spoke to two women who said they had experienced black-outs and sickness after apparently being injected.

Nottingham student Sarah Buckle showed pictures of a bruise on her hand where she believes she was injected, and described "falling in and out of consciousness".


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